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Pending Patent Status

Microbliss Cotton

Manufacturing involving heavyweight cotton fabric bolts infused with CBD and eucalyptus via a micro-encapsulation soak/pad/dry/cure process where the garment is fabricated from the cured fabric bolt

Microbliss Cotton 2

Manufacturing in which a finalized garment is infused with CBD and eucalyptus via a micro-encapsulation soak/dry/cure process using jet dyeingΒ 

The Bliss Hoodie

A garment designed with Microbliss cotton engineered to promote relaxation through the release of aromatherapy and wellness compounds

Aromatherapy Hood

A hood created with a perforated mesh inner lining designed with invisible zipper pockets that house and emit scent diffusion for the wearer

Pending Patent Applications - Design & Utility (Non Provisional)

U.S. Patent Application no.: 18/467,554

U.S. Patent Application no.: 29/912,207

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